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Road Trip

.: I am driving to Winnipeg tomorrow for a 10-day visit, including a high school reunion event next weekend. I’ll be staying with my folks for part of the time, and with friends otherwise. It will be hot and muggy while I’m there; thankfully, both locations where I will be staying have a/c. I’m looking forward to seeing the Usual Suspects, including my parents. My father’s lymphoma has apparently returned, so please keep him in your prayers, if I may be so bold to ask such things.

The car is packed except for guitar and bicycle. Yes, for the first time ever I will drive to Winnipeg with bike rack on the back of my car, with mountain bike attached. I plan to drive the Yellowhead straight through to Winnipeg, and upon return, take Highway 1 to Regina, the mind-numbing drive to Saskatoon, and return on the Yellowhead to Edmonton from there.

4 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Donna Dempster Says:

    Have a safe journey and call me when you get back.

  2. Steve Says:

    Are you here yet?

  3. Brad Says:

    Instead of the mind numbing drive to Saskatoon, why not take #1 to Medicine Hat, # 3 (Crowsnest Trail) to Lethbridge where we could feed you, then make the trip north to Edmonton?

    Think about it……

  4. steve forty Says:

    I wish and hope for the best for your father my thoughts go out to him and the rest of your family too. I know how hard those kind of battles are on everyone. Have a great HS reunion. My fortieth reunion is supposed to be next year if I can gat a fire going under the grads who still live in Oliver (BC).
    I hope you have a great holiday in Winnipeg.

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