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.: It was 54 years ago today that my parents were married in Winnipeg. So I want to wish them a very Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary today! Way to go, M and Da! 🙂 BTW, I arrived in the world some nine months and eight days later… I can also report that my Dad is doing well, so thank you to those who have been asking about him. Plus, he has a new car!

4 Responses to “54”

  1. Brad Says:

    Hey Randy, glad your dad’s doing well…..and wow, he is very talented, particularly in watercolours, which are a difficult medium.

    Re: the car, I’m pretty sure that’s a last generation Oldsmobole logo on the front, not a Pontiac…..

    Glad to see you’re posting on PBD again…I was getting worried there….

  2. mcreichardt Says:

    FYI The car is a 2001 Alero Oldsmobile 6cyl 4 door lots of extras.I think GM stopped Olds production in 2004.

  3. Robert Says:

    Randy, you might want to become familiar with the “blur tool” on photoshop. Nice shot of the car, but not sure you want to post the license plate on the internet. Not that you or your dad are likely to attract psycho terrorist attention, or anything, but well, its kind of a principle thing –good role modeling from a librarian and so on.

    So, that IS your dad’s Oldsmobile, eh? So much for the ad campaign saying it wasn’t…..

  4. mcreichardt Says:

    Randy , the car photo has been deleted?

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