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Duped by The Onion

It seems headlines from The Onion are being taken seriously, once again. (You might have heard about the Beijing Evening News in China reporting an Onion headline as real?)

Now the Branch County Michigan sherrif’s department has advised its residents that Al-Qaeda in involved in telemarketing schemes. Apparently they were responding to recent complaints of telemarketing scams in the area, especially targeting the elderly. During the course of their investigations they found the link to the Onion article which described members of Al-Qaeda involved in telemarketing to raise money, thought magazine subscriptions, vacation home rentals, etc.

The detective involved said he wasn’t aware that The Onion was a humor publication, but that he believes a link to the Onion’s web site was available on the Michigan Attorney General’s web site, which of course, was denied by that office.

This certainly increases my confidence in local law enforcement.

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