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NYC Stories, NYC Photos, NYC Music, NYC Theatre…

.: Monday night was the first of two Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway. Great show, met up with a few of the Danfen (local and some who came into NYC for the show), and afterwards hung out with Lisa (who went to the show with me), and a woman named Jude. On Tue, Jude and I hooked up to see Bodies: The Exhibition, well worth the price of admission. I have to admit there were a few, er, items on display that were very difficult to view, but it is an amazing experience.

On Wednesday, I met with Brooklyn photographer Bill Wadman, who is almost halfway through his year-long project, which is to take photos of one person every day of the year, and upload one of them to his website. I applied to participate some weeks ago, after hearing about it from Derryl. He accepted my app, and took photos of me yesterday. The photo he chose to put on his site is here. What do you think?

Afterwards I went to see the play Frost/Nixon, which was and is brilliant. Frank Langella won the Tony Award last Sunday for his amazing performance as Richard Nixon in this play. Michael Sheen, last seen as Tony Blair in The Queen, was also great as David Frost. Later I hooked up again with Jude, and we saw Steely Dan perform one more time at The Beacon. A great day all around.

4 Responses to “NYC Stories, NYC Photos, NYC Music, NYC Theatre…”

  1. cdc Says:

    Photo- Serious, intense, thoughtful, pensive, questioning?!
    Wonderful that you were chosen to have your photo taken, and that you leapt at that opportunity. Seen by millions, and in perpetuity. Unique photo by Wadman – an added dimension of you.

  2. steve forty Says:

    A little wild gray hair and you could be a mad scientist. I think that looked a little too serious and there was not the character that you are (a little more hint of a smile ala Mona Lisa even would be better).

  3. Brad Says:

    Wadman’s portrait of you is perfect. The more I look at it, the more I think so.

  4. Al-Paoul Says:

    Cool, mang. So after seeing “Bodies: The Exhibition” did you, like, all go out for deli?

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