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.: Happy Birthday to me. The Skinny: born at 0105 hrs, Sunday 28 June 1953, Winnipeg MB. Eligible to retire in one year, maintaining small vestige of youth as guitarist in rock band, happy to be alive, blessed by many amazing friends, colleagues, and family.

6 Responses to “54”

  1. ldreichardt Says:

    Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wish you the happiest of birthdays Randy. This day holds a tremendous amount of happy memories for dad and I. Wish we were there to give you a big birthday hug, but for now you can use your imagination and try to feel the love being sent your way.
    God bless you Randy.
    Luv ya!
    Mom & Dad

  2. Rafael Sidi Says:

    Happy birthday Randy.

  3. Murph Says:

    Halfway to 108! Happy birthday.


  4. Brad Says:

    Happy Birthday, Randy, albeit 72 hours late.

  5. Michael C Reichardt Says:

    Hi Son, see u soon to discuss your vestige situation, LOL DAD

  6. SteveG Says:

    So, next time I see you, you’ll have your pants hitched up to your chest and those white shoes on your feet? Oh, wait… that was LAST time I saw you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Happy birthday, old man.

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