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Notes from New York (1)

I am in NYC tonight. The flights from Edm-Mpls and Mpls-La Guardia were uneventful and on time, early even. Had a nice ride into Manhattan on a shuttle, comparing notes with other passengers. One of them was running in the NYC Marathon on Sunday. I arrived at Anthony and Barbara’s place around 6:15 pm, visited briefly, and walked to 6th Ave and 21st St to see the Halloween Parade. The crowd was 2-3 deep by the time I made it, so my viewpoint wasn’t great. Some nice people around me however, which made it more enjoyable. Many of the costumes were run-of-the-mill, but there were a few gems, some of them puppets controlled by sticks handled by the person walking underneath the skeleton, etc. There was a marching band playing Rock Lobster! Afterwards, I wandered 21st Street and took a photos of a few of the costumed participants. Sorry that I can’t share them with you while I’m here, but will do so when I return.

Off to New Haven tomorrow afternoon. Love to all.

4 Responses to “Notes from New York (1)”

  1. Geoff Says:

    I am so jealous.

    (live from the reference desk on a quiet Friday afternoon [sigh])

  2. randy Says:

    Hey! A boring Friday aft…I’m now in New Haven. And I’m checking my site on David’s old laptop, and it looks like shyte. The right column appears on the left side of the screen, overlapping the main section. Any idea why? I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve tried to make a three-column template into a two-column one. Very maddening. Anyway, all is well so far. Kinda cool, but nice leaves everywhere!

  3. kelly Says:

    I may be wrong, but I think it’s because they are floating tables. It should resize everything, but maybe his comp won’t do that?

  4. randy Says:

    Could be something like that. Difficult to explain, because I’ve loaded other Moveable Type pages, and they look fine. *sigh*

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