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Anita Athavale, and Welcome to 2008

.: Welcome to 2008. First, a Happy Birthday to my Mom, who celebrated 75 years on Dec 31 – Happy Birthday, Mom! 🙂

On December 29th, I drove to Calgary in the afternoon to attend a showcase performance by Anita Athavale. It was a memorable show, and reinforced my thinking that she is one of the most original and inventive talents to emerge from Alberta in years. We are discussing performing together when she is able to land a gig in Edmonton. My brother Chris and his g/f attended with me, and we all thoroughly enjoyed Anita’s performance.

Randy and Anita Athavale I have previously waxed eloquent about Anita Athavale. I discovered her first album some years ago while wandering through CJSR, the University of Alberta student radio station. Her first album is a sparse, stripped down offering with minimal instrumentation, and plays like a well constructed demo recording. In 2007, I found the video for her song, South Pacific, and was blown away by the song itself – great opening riff, a chorus with a hook that draws you in and ends with a searing vocal each time – and I knew I had to have her new album, In The Noise, as soon as possible. So I bought two copies, and have been playing it in the car for six months. We began chatting on MySpace and Facebook, and this led to my offering to be a second guitar for her when she came to Edmonton, if she needed an extra musician. When I heard she had a showcase performance in Calgary on Dec 29 (not really a concert per se, but a performance to “showcase” her talents for industry professionals), I decided that I had to go. Needless to say it was the right decision. Again I’ll say, if you are looking for original music from a great local Alberta artist, try Anita Athavale’s In The Noise.

I want to wish all who read and visit my site a very Happy New Year – all the best to all of you in 2008. I hope you have a year that is rewarding, joyous, and peaceful.

2 Responses to “Anita Athavale, and Welcome to 2008”

  1. amanda Says:

    happy birthday, Randy’s mum! and happy 2008, Randy. Hope it’s grand 🙂

  2. Anita Athavale Says:

    Thank you very much Randy- so glad you enjoy the music and enjoy sharing it with others!

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