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Boston, Lost Downtown

.: I am in Boston.  On the flight from Minneapolis to Boston, I was sitting next to a Rhodes scholar.  We had a nice conversation about physics and string theory!  I arrived here earlier this evening, ostensibly to attend meetings at the Materials Research Society Symposia on Tuesday, 03 December. I sit on two advisory boards, and the MRS flies a number of librarians to the symposia to attend these meetings, and we given rooms in the Westin Copley. My room this time is the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in – corner room, large king-size bed, and two huge windows looking out in two directions, including a spectacular 27th-floor view of the Charles River.

I like to take advantage of such “business” trips, and stretch out my stay a bit longer. I have no set plans to do anything in particular while I’m here, so tomorrow I’ll probably wander around and see what’s up in downtown Boston. On Wednesday morning, I’ll grab a train to Providence, and spend a few days with my friends David Stern and Susan Miller.

The weather in Boston is cool, around 5C.

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