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Notes from New York (4)

It’s Wed afternoon in NYC, cool, some drizzle. The movie Tully was better than I expected. Getting to watch Julianne Nicholson for two hours swayed my opinion, but seriously, it’s a fine little film. Tully is one of two sons of Tully Coates, Sr, a midwestern farmer who discovers that he owes $300,000 to the bank, but can’t determine why. Nicholson plays a friend of the family. Tully is played by Anson Mount. As the centre of the movie, he faces his family’s problems, and his own (as a womanizer without any responsibilities beyond the farm itself). The movie is gorgeous to watch, and the themes at times devestating. Of note is the performance by Bob Burrus as the father, who apparently hasn’t laughed or smiled since their mother’s death 15 years earlier. Recommended.

Last night I saw Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune. I wasn’t aware that it had been staged twice before, including a near-two year run before the Pacino/Pfeiffer film version . This play features Stanley Tucci and Edie Falco (The Sopranos) in the lead roles. Following a movie and dinner date, the play opens up with the two of them madly humping as they compete their first sex of the evening. Naked as jaybirds, they begin talking shortly after orgasm (I’m not kidding here). I think it takes some guys to perform naked as they did for the first 15 minutes of the play. The characters begin expressing their feelings, with Tucci the more vocal, and the more annoying. He wants love and thinks he’s found it in Frankie. He wants to convince Frankie to fall in love with him, but at times, in Act 1, his behaviour borders on the bizarre, and she threatens to call the cops – I was hoping she’d do it.

I enjoyed the performances immensely. The two actors have great chemistry (and fairly decent bods as well). In the end, I left a little unsatisfied, having had difficulty that Frankie could accept Johnny in one night, especially after his strange behaviours earlier on. I am glad I saw it, and got to see two great performers work their craft.

Today I hoped to get a discount ticket to see the Edward Norton/Catherine Keener play Burn This, but it wasn’t one of the plays on sale today. I may change my mind and see it later in the week, althought Keener and Norton leave the cast on Nov 9. Tonight I’m having dinner with Leo and Diane Dillon in Brooklyn.

4 Responses to “Notes from New York (4)”

  1. kelly Says:

    Hmm. If the teeshirt were for a kid, I’d say the Medium would be perfect…but it’s for me. 🙂 Never mind, I’ll make it work b/c I was going to chop it up and ‘customize’ it, as they say. Thank you!

  2. zuchris Says:

    That is one long-ass of a trip you’re taking in NY. Do you plan on ever coming back to Canadaland?

  3. Loretta Says:

    Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time of it. Makes a person wish they were there with you. Sorry about the loss of the shirt. Lets hope the person who found it really needs one.

  4. randy Says:

    Thank you everyone. Z, I’ll be back next Tue. I’m escaping reality here for a few more days. Kel, the shirt will fit you, is my guess. And it’s the Real Thing – bought it at the NYCity store in the Times Square Visitors Center, none of that cheap shi(r)t on Canal Street! – Randy

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