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Notes from New York (5)

Last night was another NYC ritual: visiting and having dinner with Leo and Diane Dillon in Brooklyn. I first met the Dillons at a regional sf convention I had helped organize, Context’89, in Edmonton that year. We’ve been friends ever since, and every time I visit NYC, I take the subway to Brooklyn and we meet, visit, and have dinner. Last night was no exception. They signed a number of copies of their books for me, in addition to a few posters and post cards. I love them both a lot, they are wonderful folks and brilliant illustrators. They showed me their current work in progress, another title by Margaret Wise Brown called “Where Have You Been.” Wise passed away in 1952, having written hundreds of of books and stories during her short life. The Dillons also illustrated her story, “Two Little Trains“.

Today is a runaround day, for lack of a better description. I hope to see The Grey Zone this afternoon, maybe get a half-price ticket to see 42nd Street, wander through a couple record stores, visit the Pop Shop. If there is an emerging theme to this trip, it’s laziness.

The one enduring image I have of New Yorkers this time around is that of cell phones: they are everywhere. Every third or fourth person is walking and talking on a cell phone. It’s like the plague. Speaking of which, for the first time in 100 years, the plague has hit NYC.

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  1. kelly Says:

    It sounds like you live in New York. Honestly.

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