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Near The Beach

.: After returning from NYC on 11 May, I had three days in Edmonton before I flew on the redeye to Toronto on the night of Thursday, 14 May 2009.  The redeye left Edmonton at 00h25 MDT, and arrived in Toronto at about 06h00 EDT.  So even though the flight was 3.5 hours, the time difference told me I had flown for the entire night.  I tried dozing off on the plane, which was an Airbus 321, large and roomy, but I couldn’t do it.  So I plugged my laptop into the outlet in the seat in front of me and watch two eps of Law and Order: CI.  The flight was actually quite pleasant, and the route through the horrid Toronto International Airport wasn’t as bad as I expected.  (Not so on the way back, however.)  What I found strange about the outlets on the back of the seats was this: the plane has three seats on either side of the aisle.  On the left side of the plane, the window and centre seats have an outlet in front of them, but not the aisle seat.  On the right side of the plane, the aisle and centre seats have outlets, but not the window seat.  This made (and makes) no sense to me whatsoever.  Maybe it’s a technical issue.

In Deerfield Beach, it was about 30C and very breezy.  My hotel room was huge, with a bedroom separate from the living room, two tvs, two bathrooms, with a view of the pool and the ocean.  The meeting went well, but there was no time to get to the beach and into the water.  We had dinner a couple very nice restaurants, and on Sunday the 17th, were treated to a ride on a yacht down the Intracoastal Waterway.  I switched planes in Toronto to catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale, to attend meetings with a library advisory board in Deerfield Beach, at the behest of CRC Press. I shot some video of the trip with my Flip Mino HD camcorder, and also took a few pictures.

I’ll be on the road again in two weeks, in Washington DC for my annual library conference.  Then in July, it’s back to NYC for a few Steely Dan shows.  More on that later.

2 Responses to “Near The Beach”

  1. Jude Says:

    Were those Nanaimo bars that I saw on your “Sail the Waterway” video? Sure looked like-you got me hooked on those. 🙂

  2. Randy Says:

    Ha! No, they looked like Nanaimo bars in the video, but I think they were cookies. I’m glad you are hooked on them still!

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