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Notes from New York (10)

Just left the theatres after seeing Auto Focus, the new movie based on the life of Bob (Hogan’s Heroes) Crane. The movie details Crane’s descent into a life of sex, sex and more sex, until his untimely murder, which was never solved. Greg Kinnear plays Crane as a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, who dreams of Jack Lemmon-type roles, but ends up doing dinner theatre after the TV series ends. Again, highly recommended.

As mentioned last time, I’m worn out and looking forward to returning home. It’s also too humid and warm here right now (yes, I know, I should NOT be complaining about such things). I’ve seen seven movies on this trip, and plan to see one more tonight. Also picked up a few souvenirs from the New York Transit Museum Store in Grand Central Terminal.

So I’ll talk to you again when I’m back in Edmonton. For those of you who read my NY Diary, thanks for following my trip. It’s been fun. See you soon.

4 Responses to “Notes from New York (10)”

  1. steve 40 Says:

    I hope this doesn’t post my e-mail address as I am getting 3/4 spam these days. Your trip sounds great -I haven’t been to New York as an adult, and haven’t been there since 1956 (I was 7 going on 8). Good trip report, I would love to see Kiss live, and would love to just walk around a city like New York. I wouldn’t complain about the heat-wait till you get home and there isn’t any outside.

  2. randy Says:

    Steve: Thanks for the comments. I removed your e-mail from your post – R

  3. Says:

    Buried up to the eyeballs in white stuff

    Snow, that is. Not the other white stuff. It’s been snowing in good ol’ Edmonton for most of the day…maybe

  4. Says:

    Buried up to the eyeballs in white stuff

    It’s been snowing in good ol’ Edmonton for most of the day…maybe most of the weekend. It’s very conducive to

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