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Back here

I’m fortunate to work with some great people, so when I returned to work, there was no anxiety about having a desk and an e-mail inbox full of paper and e-mails and books and memos and shyte. I survived the day, and am home, blitzed in the head. I won’t get back into my regular workouts for a couple more days (daze?).

Here’s an interesting essay from Pete Townsend on the future of The Who; thanks to Chris (brother) for bringing this one to my attention.

I want to put notice out that I agree with Geoff, and that he and I and many others blog because it’s fun, and for any other reasons that may emerge from the fun doing it, such as learning more code, improving one’s writing skills, sharing ideas and thoughts and comments, regardless of how useful or informative they might seem to someone else, meeting other bloggers, developing a new community of contacts and friends, whatevahdafuck, as Tony Soprano would say. The full essay to which Geoff refers is at Library Juice, and addresses the number of “wild librarian” sites that have appeared in the past few years. I don’t emphasize on my site that I’m a librarian per se, nor is my profession the focus of the site or the blog. It’s a pastime, a hobby, and as Geoff reminds me, a place to vent from time to time. So there. Nyah. Thpppppttt!

2 Responses to “Back here”

  1. Stephen Abram Says:

    And Randy, you have to admit it’s also the place where you can say “So there. Nyah. Thpppppttt!”!

    Don’t we all wish we could do that during the day sometimes?


  2. randy Says:

    Steven: Oh, yes, believe me, many times a day would I like to say that – er – make that noise in someone’s direction. 🙂

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