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Minor Frustrations

Forgive me some random thoughts:

It’s an evening of mixed emotions, a draining day at work but one that reaffirmed my faith in being blessed to work with people who care about what they do. In other news, I’ve lost or misplaced a cheque for $60, and am angry at my own ineptitude – I had the cheque yesterday, and now it’s gone. Duh. Since my return from NYC, I’ve yet to work out, and am feeling frumpy. So I just ordered a pizza.

While I was in NYC, I checked my website on different computers, and was distressed to see how bad it looks on other browsers and machines. In two cases, the right-hand column moves itself to the left, over top of the blog entries. Keith has known this for a while; it will take me sometime to recode the site.

12 Responses to “Minor Frustrations”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Just wanted to let you know Randy – your website always looks good on my computer!

  2. fiona Says:

    I just thought I’d let you know that I’m blogging again!


  3. randy Says:

    Fiona, great to have you back! Darcy, thank you for taking the time to let me know my site looks ok on your computer. You are the sweetest. I hear you guys are moving to Burlington. Say hi to T and M for me. I saw Ang today, she’s doing well. – R

  4. Jena Says:

    No problems with your blog on my computer (a Sony Vaio laptop running Windows ME). Everything looks clean and elegant, works fine. I’ll ask Diane to check it from the On Spec Mac at the office.

  5. randy Says:

    Thanks Jena. Please let me know. – Randy

  6. Biff Says:

    Doesn’t look so good on my Amiga 512.

  7. Steve 40 Says:

    It looks fine on my computer using Netscape.

  8. randy Says:

    Steve: What version of Netscape are you using? – Randy
    PS: Don’t fill in the “email address” portion if you don’t want your e-mail to appear in comments.

  9. randy Says:

    Biff, sorry you’re having problems with the Amiga. Let me know how it looks on your Osborne, and your Apple II. Then try your 386, and your XT. Hopefully things will improve.

  10. Diane Walton Says:

    Looks fine to me from home. I’ll have to check it from the Mac at the office.

    Randy, you really must come out to visit us sometime, and see what the house looks like these days.


  11. Rick LeBlanc Says:

    Looks clean in Opera 6.04. Quite legible on a 15 inch monitor. 600×800

    Have fun!!

  12. Steve 40 Says:

    It look’s fine on Netscape 7.0 under Windows XP professional.
    Steve 40

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