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Samantha Schultz Performing “It’s Too Late”, Featuring Vanessa Collier

Posted in Samantha Schultz on July 16th 2013 by Randy Reichardt

.: Samantha Schultz is a multi-talented Edmonton musician who I have had the good fortune of knowing for the past few years. She writes and sings her own material, and can deliver the goods when singing cover tunes as well. Sam recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and at the Berklee Graduation Commencement Concert, with Carole King watching in the audience, she offered an outstanding reading of King’s classic tune, “It’s Too Late.” Featured in the song is a wicked soprano sax solo by Vanessa Collier. Enjoy, and please share with your friends on every social media site you can.  I am SO proud of her – you will be blown away by her performance of this song.