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Posted in NYC, Steely Dan on June 14th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

.: Monday night was the first of two Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway. Great show, met up with a few of the Danfen (local and some who came into NYC for the show), and afterwards hung out with Lisa (who went to the show with me), and a woman named Jude. On Tue, Jude and I hooked up to see Bodies: The Exhibition, well worth the price of admission. I have to admit there were a few, er, items on display that were very difficult to view, but it is an amazing experience.

On Wednesday, I met with Brooklyn photographer Bill Wadman, who is almost halfway through his year-long project, which is to take photos of one person every day of the year, and upload one of them to his website. I applied to participate some weeks ago, after hearing about it from Derryl. He accepted my app, and took photos of me yesterday. The photo he chose to put on his site is here. What do you think?

Afterwards I went to see the play Frost/Nixon, which was and is brilliant. Frank Langella won the Tony Award last Sunday for his amazing performance as Richard Nixon in this play. Michael Sheen, last seen as Tony Blair in The Queen, was also great as David Frost. Later I hooked up again with Jude, and we saw Steely Dan perform one more time at The Beacon. A great day all around.

This … is ONN!

Posted in Library, NYC, Steely Dan, The-Onion on March 26th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

The Onion now has its own television news channel! Imagine – we’ll never have to read again.

Onion News Network Promo

In other goings-on, there are a number of forthcoming trips for which I am slowly preparing. On April 07 I will fly to San Francisco to attend a meeting at this conference. Afterwards I will spend a few days in Victoria to visit friends before returning to Edmonton. In May I will be in Lethbridge for the long weekend, with a day trip to Sunburst MT to attend my friend’s daughter’s high school graduation. On June 02 I’m off to Denver to attend this conference, returning on June 07. On June 09, I’m off to NYC for nine days, this time using a Steely Dan concert on June 11 at The Beacon Theatre as the ostensible excuse for what I think will be my 15th visit to the Big Apple. Beyond this assortment of jaunts, I don’t have any other firm plans for summer vacation at this time.

NYC (3)

Posted in NYC on August 27th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: I’ve been back in Edmonton for a few days, but wanted to wrap up NYC Trip 14. Last weekend I saw The History Boys on Broadway, and was able to squeeze in one (very good) movie, Half Nelson. The heat and humidity was getting to me on Friday and Saturday, resulting in multiple showers, changes of clothing, and placing forehead in front of air conditioner in various attempts to try to cool down. On Monday evening, my friend Noella and I, after having dinner with her friend Clarissa, went to the Iridium Jazz Club to see Les Paul and his band play a 75-minute set, which they do every Monday night at 8:00 and 10:00 pm. Les Paul basically invented the electric guitar, as well as multi-track recording, so to (finally) attend one of his shows felt like a great honour. What a nice way to spend my final evening in NYC this time around.

The trip home the next day was a bit of a drag. The Northwest flight left La Guardia on time, landing in Minneapolis 2.5 hours later where I spent about six hours before catching the connecting flight home to Edmonton. Six hours later, I was seated in the half-filled jet waiting for departure when the pilot announced there was a problem with one of the jet’s shock absorbers, and that as a result, “they have to find us another plane.” So we all left the plane and walked down to a different gate, and waited. Less than 40 minutes passed before another plane was “found”, and we boarded and left about an hour behind schedule. Sometime into the flight, we hit turbulence, and the pilot announced that it would last for a while, as we were about 50-60 miles south of a major weather disturbance. Well, last for while it did, to the point where I was beginning to feel a bit nauseous from the very rough ride. After perhaps 45 minutes, the turbulence dissipated, and eventually we landed in Edmonton. The plane parked at the gate, and people prepared to leave, waiting for the door to open….waiting….waiting…until the pilot announced that we had to sit down again, because we weren’t allowed to leave because of lightning in the area. So…about 15 minutes later, we were allowed to leave, clear Customs, grab luggage, and leave the airport.

I need a vacation.

NYC (1)

Posted in NYC on August 16th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: I’m in New York for a few days. Plans include visiting various friends, seeing the Steely Dan/Michael McDonald concert tomorrow, Les Paul on Monday, and perhaps a one-day visit to New Haven. I’m considering attending this show on Sunday, 20 August 2006.

Intelligent Design Flowchart

Posted in Bob-Eckstein, intelligent-design, NYC on November 26th 2005 by Randy Reichardt

.: Despite that the occasional issue arrives in my mailbox up to ten weeks late, Time Out New York continues to feed my NYC appetite. A recent welcome addition to the magazine’s “Out There” section is a cartoon called Talking Points, by Bob Eckstein.

In Issue 518, he offered the following hilarious and brilliant observation:

Intelligent Design’s been in the news lately, offered up as an alternative theory of evolution. But is it just conservatives getting creative with creationism? Follow the flowchart to illumination

Not A New York Ending

Posted in NYC, Travel on October 17th 2005 by Randy Reichardt

.: My last day in NYC was a lousy one. My throat hurt considerably, making it difficult to swallow any food or water. The shuttle picked me up four hours before my flight, so I had to wait at LaGuardia for three hours before the flight left at 1530 hrs. Unfortunately, the flight didn’t leave until 1640 hrs, and my connecting flight to Edmonton was scheduled for 1815 hrs. The flight arrived at 1740 hrs, taxied for about 15 minutes, I cleared customs, waited another 20 minutes for my luggage, by which time the Edmonton flight was gone. Air Canada personnel were of little help (duh), the Lester B Pearson Airport in Toronto is a behemoth, and navigating it is a frustrating challenge. After clearing the customs area, I was stopped because I was carrying an apple, and had to clear the apple before proceeding further. Apparently British Columbia doesn’t like apples from other countries brought into Canada, but because I was going to Alberta, I was given the green light to proceed. Imagine my relief!

I was given a new boarding pass for the next flight to Edmonton, which left four hours later. Well, check that – four hours and forty minutes later, as Air Canada had yet another delay. No aisle seats were available, leaving me with a window seat next to someone who ensured that he had full use of the arm rests. I was crunched in on both sides. The plane was full, and warm, which meant I was uncomfortably warm as well. I spent the trip praying for patience while I sucked two rolls of Hall’s cough drops and drank ice water. I watched two episodes of Harvey Birdman and one of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Finally we landed, but the Edmonton Air Canada ground crew wasn’t quite ready for the plane to dock at the gate. Er, like, whatinhell were they doing otherwise? This is Edmonton, not O’Hare or LaGuardia. Margaret was waiting for me, to give me a ride home at 0100 hrs. Thank God for good friends.

Note to self: never use the phrases “Air Canada” and “customer service” in the same sentence.

So I am at home, the throat is still sore, and I am missing Day One, and probably Day Two of Access 2005. I will also miss a class I am scheduled to teach in 30 minutes in Chemical Engineering 464, the design class.

This is not the way anyone wants to end a trip, and flying home while not feeling well is a slow form of torture. I hope you have a better week. I think I will watch some Rome episodes, and go back to bed.