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Report from Winnipeg (2)

:: Today I took my mother and her neighbour Lynn’s two children to see Finding Nemo. This is a marvelous movie, another triumph for Pixar (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc.), and one of the best films of 2003. The writing is crisp, the characters funny and engaging; I laughed out loud many times during the movie. Voice actors include Albert Brooks, Ellen de Generes, Geoffrey Rush, Allison Janney, Willem Dafoe, Eric Bana (The Hulk), Barry Humphries, Elizabeth Perkins, and many others. BTW, check the “outtakes” from TS2.

:: This evening, Brenda made dinner for me. The main course was beer butt chicken. I’m not kidding. It was delicious. You shove an open can of beer up the chicken’s butt, place it on a bbq… More details to come.

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  1. Claire Says:

    Oi! Hello. There’s the address. When you mention it I expect you’ll say something about youth and expression and voices, possibly the future. Whatever. you can comment on some of my posts if you want. . . no one ever does . . .

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