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Report From Winnipeg (1)

:: I arrived in Winnipeg on Monday afternoon, around 1:00 pm. On the way in, I stopped and briefly visited with friends at two locations, and then headed home. Later in the evening, my folks and I visited my Mom’s sister, Carol, who had quadruple-bypass surgery last Thursday (and is being released from hospital this Wednesday). While in the hospital, three of my cousins and their families also appeared, it was great to see them as well. Afterwards I visited my Dad’s sister, Eleanor (also my godmother), and her husband Carl.

:: Today Steve and I visted Chester Cuthbert and his wife Muriel. Chester is a legendary book collector who has lived in Winnipeg for 90 years. He is still spry and active, and Muriel and he continue to live in their own home. We had a good meeting, pouring over old fanzines and other publications, and comparing notes. In the mid-70s, many members of the Winnipeg Science Fiction Society would congregate at Chester’s house on Saturdays for regular, informal social gathering.

:: This evening, I attended the last organizational meeting of the reunion happening this weekend. I met my old pal Brenda Claggett at her condo, and we drove to Liz Bachman’s house, where I met Liz and four other classmates from 1971. I hadn’t seen any of these people since that time, and to put it bluntly, we had a blast! The committee was working out the final details of the two events, and afterwards, we sang a few songs while I played guitar, and we munched on Gondola Pizza. We also laughed ourselves silly (with the help of freely flowing beer and wine).

It was good to see these fine people again. During the evening, we went into Liz’s basement to see a memoriam she’d created for the twelve classmates no longer with us. It is a simple but moving display: each classmate’s Grade 12 picture was enlarged, scanned, framed and mounted on a black background, with each person’s name below their picture. Very tastefully done, and a fitting tribute to our mates who have preceded us to the next life.

In the past, I was ambivalent about attending a high school reunion, and recall in the early 80s swearing I’d never attend one. I missed the 25th in 1996. I can tell you quite honestly that I’m really, really glad I am here for the 32nd. The weekend will be very memorable and rewarding for me. BTW, Brenda is cooking beer butt chicken for me tomorrow. I’ll explain later.

7 Responses to “Report From Winnipeg (1)”

  1. Murph Says:

    “Poring” over old fanzines. If you were “pouring” over them you’d be getting them wet.

    You getting any of that weird weather, or has it all be south of Winnipeg?


  2. Murph Says:

    All been, not all be. Yeesh.


  3. jenB Says:

    did you already explain why you are celebrating 32 years and not 30 or 35? It seems weird. 🙂 although i realize we are talking about winnipeg.

  4. Robert Says:

    Yes, I’d like to know my 32nd anniversary too.

    I’d be interested in going to my school reunion now that I am an successful professor. I was less keen on the idea when I was an unemployed grad student. Not sure I’d remember very many people though. As leader of the Dweebs, we didn’t have a lot of other friends in those days.

    And what’s with Derryl correcting grammar? Tell him that is no way to encourage more entries. Obsessive grammar police inhibit writing more than they aid it in my professional opinion.

  5. randy Says:

    The severe weather has been around the city, also near Brandon. It’s hot here, however. Jen, the 32nd year reunion is happening because we graduated from high school the year we turned 18, add 32, you get the year we all turn 50.

    – Randy

  6. Murph Says:

    Spelling, Robert, not grammar. Unless you count me correcting me. 😉 And it’s a curse I carry, being able to zero in on the mistake and not being able to live with it until somehow noted (usually as an aside to my long-suffering wife).


  7. randy Says:

    Ah, the crosses we must bear in life, eh, Derryl? 🙂

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