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58 (Penrose Place)

.: 58 Penrose Place is the address of the last house in which I lived in St Boniface (Winnipeg), Manitoba.  My family moved there in 1971 – I can’t remember which month – and stayed there until 1985, when my folks moved to a mobile home in St Vital.  I moved to Edmonton in the fall of 1978, but the time I spent living at 58 Penrose Place was memorable for many reasons.  While living in that house, I attended the University of Manitoba, where I met many new people and made the first new friends outside of my school years.

58 is also the age I am as of today, 28 June 2011.  I was born at 01:05 MDT in Winnipeg on this date in 1953.  With each passing year, I become a little more nostalgic about parts of my life, less so about others.  Regardless, it’s good to be alive, there is always much for which one can be grateful.  I work in one of the best library systems in one of the best universities in North America.  I have great colleagues who have tolerated my moody behaviour for almost 28 years!  The job has afforded me dozens of opportunities to travel, including a trip in February 2011 to India.  My parents are still alive and in decent health, as are my brothers and their families.  I live in Edmonton, a great city in perhaps the best country on Planet Earth.  I have a seemingly unlimited supply of good friends in many places, and am surrounded by people who care about me.  So on this day, I give thanks for all of these blessings.

In 2011, I have already traveled six times in the following order: Chennai and Mumbia in India, Winnipeg, Cambridge MA, Winnipeg again, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.  Please check the photos and videos from my trip to India, which was a work-related visit, but perhaps the most fascinating trip of my life.  It was the first time I’d been to country other than Canada or the USA.  I hope to make the time to write more the India trip, and the other trips, sometime soon.

3 Responses to “58 (Penrose Place)”

  1. Terry Krahn Says:

    Happy Birthday Randy!

    Bev Nicole and I went ot Europe this spring. We visited Gord McCulloch for a week, who lives in Geneva. Then off to aris for 5 days. Then London. We walked accross THE croswalk , at Abbey road.


  2. Randy Reichardt Says:

    Hi Terry, great to hear from you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hard to believe I’m a couple years away from 60. Life is good. Glad you had a great time in Europe and visited THE CROSSWALK shrine!

    – Randy

  3. Kelly Says:

    Randy, odd thoughts from far away on a Thursday afternoon. Atleast where I am.

    Perhaps you remember me, perhaps not. We met in (what seems to me) another time and place. Perhaps so long ago it does not bear mentioning, even.

    But at this particular time I am sitting at my desk in Japan listening to Steely Dan (Reeling in the Years – appropriately) on my phone via a satellite radio station out of Vegas. A band which has, for all the years since we met, reminded me of you and lead me to look you up on this day.

    Seems you are doing well which pleases me. Happy belated birthday.


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