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Mixed Bag Special

The City has been cleaning our side streets for about a week. My street was
cleaned on Monday. I live in a cul-de-sac, so the grader pushed the snow into the middle until it melts in the spring. Then the little guy followed to clean up our driveway entrances.

Read why reality tv isn’t reality tv. Of course, if your cerebral cortext is functional, you already know, but I digress. (No, I’ve never watched any of those shows).

Recently it was announced that editors from some of the world’s preeminent scientific publications had discussed the concern of the potential use of new information published in research journals for malicious reasons, including bioterrorism. Subsequently, the editors released this Statement on Scientific Publication and Security.

The end of my favorite comic strip, For Better or For Worse (proudly Canadian) slowly approaches. Thanks, Derryl.

I know that most US states and Canadian provinces have official flags, crests, birds, floral emblems, trees, songs, mottos, and so on. I didn’t know there were official soils. We’re a bit behind in Canada, with only two provinces on board. Manitoba is apparently still debating the issue. My favorite state whatever list has got to be California. Among others, it has a state insect, state prehistoric artifact, and a state fife and drum corps. Thanks, Mike.

In the late 1950s, as US networks began broadcasting selected shows in colour, they would preface each broadcast with a color presentation logo.

I successfully installed Moveable Type 6.22 yesterday. The world didn’t end, my web site didn’t implode.

5 Responses to “Mixed Bag Special”

  1. sharon Says:

    I’ve been meaning to switch to MT for the longest time! But is it absolutely essential to own your own webspace first?

  2. randy Says:

    Hey Sharon, yes, you need to have your own server space to load MT. You need an account that lets you run custom CGI scripts.

    Check it out on their web site.

  3. sharon Says:

    thanks randy. I will scour around for cheap webspace…:(

  4. Limegirl Says:

    Sharon, cheap webspace can be had, depending on what you’re looking for. If amount of space is not an issue, there are lots of options. If you’re looking for a fair bit of space, I’ve found to have a very good deal going. Whizhost is not a provider who holds your hand, though, so be prepared to struggle with things on your own. If the technical side of things is not your cup of tea, it’s best to pass on Whizhost.

  5. Limegirl Says:

    I can’t believe FBOW is ending. They’ve always felt like family. I think Elizabeth and I are the same age, even, if you can wrap your brain around that.

    ~sigh~ I cried when Farley died.

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