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Photojournalism Ethics Take A Hike

My brother Chris advised me of an incredible story about what happened when it was discovered that Brian Walski, an award-winning photographer for the LA Times, submitted a photo for publication on the front page of the 31 March 2003 LA Times that was actually a composite of two pictures. Covering the war in Iraq, he shot two photos moments apart, then merged them to improve the composition. The subject was the use of human shields. Check this fascinating photo ethics case study (requires Flash), which highlights the flaw in the composite photo, and then shows you where the two photos were cropped. The Times has printed a retraction of sorts.

Did you hear about the giant Antarctic squid?

One Response to “Photojournalism Ethics Take A Hike”

  1. Limegirl Says:

    Holy crap, the beak on that squid would take a person’s head clean off. Calamari anyone?

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