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Molly and Me

I know…in my dreams, flyboy. But for a fleeting moment in time recently, I was able to spend five minutes with the amazing Molly Parker. *sigh* How did this happen?

Molly Parker and me, Myer Horowitz Theatre, U Alberta, 13 March 2003

Well, it took place at the recent Edmonton International Film Festival, and you can read all about it here, in case you missed the entry last month. Suffice it to say, I attended a gala screening of a film in which she is the star, and arrived knowing full well that the chances of her appearing were slim to none. While waiting for the film to start, I asked an usher which actor would be in attendance, and he said, “Molly Parker”, and I went, like, “Oh really?”, and he said, “Yep”, to which I replied, “Cool.”

Please try to see her new movie, Marion Bridge, it’s worth the effort. Also watch for her supporting role in Max, the disturbing new movie starring John Cusack and Noah Taylor.

One Response to “Molly and Me”

  1. sharon Says:

    Oh I just watched Max last night! It was exxcceeelllent! I loved it. She’s really good in it too.
    Right now, i’m going on a binge on films cos there’s a film fest right now.

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