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Shoes For Industry

:: I bought another pair of shoes today. That’s twice in one week. By popular demand, view the first and second pair. Comments welcome. Both pairs are very comfortable, and will make the trip to NYC.

Really, can life get any better?

I watched The Matrix on video tonight, in prep for Matrix Reloaded. I saw the first film in 1999, and it was good to see it again. Maybe I’ll understand the second one a bit better. This site discusses the first film, providing an in-depth analysis. The official site also has a page devoted to the philosophy of the matrix.

18 Responses to “Shoes For Industry”

  1. sharon Says:

    Hi Randy! Just want to drop by and say hi and also, please check out this site after you watch Reloaded: matrixessays.

  2. Mother Says:

    Hi Randy: Both pair look good to me. They look like they will be very comfortable which to me is what shoes should be all about. The exception being is if you were going to a formal affair, then you need a totally different look. Enjoy! Mom

  3. Stephen Says:

    OK Randy – #1 you can moon light as a nurse, and #2 you have the perfect librarian shoes. What else is in your show cupboard? No one’s feet should be that comfortable!

  4. geoff Says:

    Randy: Thumbs-up on the black pair of shoes – they have timeless styling like Armani, and I can almost feel the comfort and support from here.

    However, IMHO, aren’t laces worth the effort?

  5. Murph Says:

    That lighter pair seems very coastal. You’re the king of easy-going now.


  6. randy Says:

    Ahright…so what I’m reading is: the first pair are for nurses or beach people…are you all saying they’re a bit gay? Stephen, I want to wear them to SLA. I guess not now. Except my Mom, who seems to like both.

    *sigh* OK, I’ll go look for a better pair of shoes, perhaps. Look, here’s my question: whatinhell colour shoe are we supposed to wear in summer when we’re wearing light coloured pants? And, NO, I don’t own sandals.

    – Randy, fashion challenged to the grave…

  7. Murph Says:

    Coastal = casual, easy-going, not formal. They look fine, and only gay if they’re both of one sex and getting it on.

    Trust your mom.


  8. jenB Says:

    tan or brown are a good summer choice. and black is seasonless. 🙂

  9. Mike N. Says:

    Hey buddy.

    The black ones look just like a pair of Hush Puppies I’ve had for years. Comfy! As for the other ones….save them, you’ll be retiring one day and you can wear them with those pants that come up to your chest.

  10. Stephen Says:

    Randy – bring ’em both to SLA and toss a coin in the morning. White shoes won’t last long on NY streets though! I waer white runners but it’s impossible to keep ’em white in the urban oasis so I switch to beige sk8tbrdr shoes. Fake 49 year old kewl for me. Sandal are the mostg onest and comfortable show for me and I do black year-round.

    p.s. I think nurses often make more than librarians . . .

  11. dr.T. Says:

    “you must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?”

  12. randy Says:

    “Well I seen them on the tv, the movie show,
    They say the times are changin’ but I just don’t know.”

  13. kelly Says:

    I’d have to say I’m definitely not a fan of the white ones. Maybe they look different on?

    They seem…cruise ship-py to me.

  14. randy Says:

    OK, can someone please tell me what colour/kind of shoe to get, to wear in the summer with light coloured pants and/or short pants? Other than white Reebok Newport Classics? I’m running out of time, people! Stephen, I should go to the sk8board store, and ask a sk8ter boi for help buying sk8ter shoes?

    It’s also comforting to know that two pictures of shoes has resulted in the most comments I think I’ve ever received for a posting. Gotta love the world.

  15. jenB Says:

    i told you! tan, light brown, or brown
    try going to Kunitz shoes, they are near your place. don’t doubt my fashion advice. 🙂

    and yes, the silliest things often garner the most comments.

  16. randy Says:

    Jen: I don’t doubt your fashion sensibilities. We both know you rock! However, I don’t wear brown/tan/light brown anything. So I’ve got to look for another option. I wish someone made grey shoes…

  17. kelly Says:

    Gray skater shoes, Randy…

    Stop in at Sportchek! Airwalks are super comfy, look cool and never look worn out and old for some reason. My 65 year old doctor has always worn them, and it comforts me for some reason.

  18. Mike N. Says:

    Yeah dude. Go with Airwalks. I wore a pair to work for a year. They are super comfortable and they’d even look cool on you.

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