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65, Which Means It’s Official Now

.: I’ll keep it brief this time. I was born at 01:05 in Winnipeg MB on 28 June 1953. Which means that today I am officially a senior citizen. It is a very strange, surreal feeling. To be sure, I don’t feel that different from when I was 18, except that my body isn’t what it used to be – a few ailments and medical conditions, but I’m still alive and kicking so far, and just as immature as I was back then.

I lost a dear friend two weeks ago. He passed suddenly, without warning. He was 64. When such an event happens, it puts things into perspective. Life is short, precious, and should be lived to its fullest. I don’t practice the latter to the degree I should, but I’m always working on it. So today I’m grateful for being alive, for having great friends, colleagues, and family, and for living in Edmonton and Canada, and for being able to retire last year on a more-than-decent pension.

I’m now in that “65 and older” category, the last one you can choose on surveys and questionnaires. I refuse to read magazines aimed at my age cohort, I simply cannot relate to them and what they publish.

Meanwhile, onward, into the unknown.

2 Responses to “65, Which Means It’s Official Now”

  1. Keith Says:

    I was telling a friend about “The J Jonah Jamesons” Ben McCaffrey, Paul Mather and I think Rob Black….

    Anyways, your blog is the only mention of the band I could find on the Interweb….lol.

    I lived with Ben and Paul and others in a house on 115th Street and 102 Ave. years ago.

    you don’t have a copy of “In your Ear” or “Eye like Oil”? it would be a laugh to hear it again….

  2. Randy Says:

    .: Thanks for your comment. I have a cassette of “Eyes Like Oil” and a copy of the “Stirrups, Anvils, & Hammers” CD. “The Transit Song” remains one of my favorite songs of all times, just love it. IF you see Ben or Mike Evans, give them my best regards.

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