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The Star Wars Kid

:: Have you heard the story about The Star Wars Kid? A 15-year old Qubec boy named Ghsylain videotaped himself at school, pretending he was a Jedi knight, and using a broomstick as a light sabre. Apparently his “friends” found the video, uploaded it to the ‘net on April 19, and others soon found it. The video shot around the planet at lightspeed. Some took the original video and added sound and special effects. Over 40 clone videos exist at this time. As well, there is an online petition to get the kid a cameo in the final Star Wars movie.

What can I say? Admittedly, some of the clone videos are hilarious.

What began as a nightmare for this kid is already becoming an Internet legend. Hopefully he might be able to recover a bit of dignity in the process.

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  1. Trix Says:

    Might be the fault of my slo-dem line here at the lake, but none of the links worked. 🙁

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