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Fair and Balanced Lying Liars

:: Fox News is suing one of my favorite writers, comedians and commentators, Al Franken, for using the phrase “fair and balanced” as part of the subtitle of his new book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look At The Right. The New York Times reported on the story, and it’s been discussed on CNN. Even better, it made the Op-Ed page of the NYTimes (ID/pw: podbay). My favorite line from the editorial: “For years now, liberals have wrung their hands over the fact that the right wing had a monopoly on acerbic, unfair and entertaining political commentators. Mr. Franken is clearly attempting to fill the gap, and for some reason the Fox people appear to be doing everything they can to help pave his way.

With this lawsuit, Fox News, never known for being fair and balanced, has helped push the book (not being released until September 22, to #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers List (at least today, August 13th).

I saw Franken perform in NYC last November. He is brilliant, funny, and accurate in his observations. Go, Al, go!

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