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Lotsa Movies

:: So far this long weekend, I’ve seen Open Range, Bend It Like Beckham (2nd time), Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, and Capturing the Friedmans. I’m trying to catch up on letters to be written, and a bit of sleep. I finally finished Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick, by Frederic Raphael, Oscar-winning screenwriter and author, who co-wrote the screenplay for Eyes Wide Shut with Stanley Kubrick. The book, published after Kubrick’s death, enraged his family, and apparently legions of fans, but I found it fascinating. This review sums it up quite well for me. More insight is available in this brief 1999 interview of Raphael.

I’m also frustrated about having registered on Sat morning for another hosting service for my site, but have yet to hear back from them with any instructions or information… 🙁

6 Responses to “Lotsa Movies”

  1. kelly Says:

    Maybe they are at home this long weekend watching movies, too.

    Who did you go with?

  2. kelly Says:

    Errr…for a webspace provider. 🙂

  3. jenB Says:

    Randy, im not sure anyone could live up to your hosting standards! Its a long weekend! Cut people some slack dude. sheesh.

  4. randy Says:

    Nobody, as usual. (Went to one of the four movies with a woman! Hard to believe, I know.) Er, Blogomania. Geoff uses them, swears by them. To hell with long weekends, I want to begin work NOW on switching providers. Whatever. Feckin’ shyte.

  5. Stephen Says:

    Randy – Didn’t you just love Capturing the Friedman’s? Stephanie and her friend went and loved it in a limited premiere in Toronto. She insisted that Zac and I go. We won’t get into the oddness of my wife insisting her husband and son go to a documentary about pedohilia. It was great. Anyway, we got to talk the director over coffee at Starbucks for about an hour afterwards – really cool and interesting guy. He invented moviephone and now spends his money making docs. This one really started as a documentary about birtday party cloowns . . .!

  6. randy Says:

    It is an odd and deeply moving, sad film. I left the movie, really not knowing what to believe, especially regarding Jesse. The lack of physically compelling evidence made the whole case seem strange and abstract. There is also the weirdness of David’s obsession with filming everything that was going on after the arrests, in itself an odd behaviour. For me the strangest scene has to be the one where the camera cuts back and forth between Jesse and his lawyer, with Jesse denying what the lawyer said he told him to do.

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