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Gallery Frustrations

:: It’s been quiet on the blogging front for a few days. I’ve been working on loading the Gallery program, which Geoff runs successfully, and since Geoff and I share the same hosting service, one would think I could get it to work. But no such luck. It appears that I’m mucking around in areas beyond my abilities, and it is very frustrating. I’ve had help from the Blogomania HelpDesk, and the Gallery Forums.

Contributing to the problem is the ambiguity of the Gallery documentation. The directions on the Installing Required Programs page are not that clear or user-friendly. For example, regarding NetPBM, you are directed to go to this page, and “grab the files” (binaries), FTP’em over to your host, and chmod them to 0755. Even I know how to do that. This page even lists the binary files (12 of them)! Wo-hoo! Ok, so Randy goes to that page, grabs what he thinks are the necessary NetPBM files, 6 zipped files ending in .tgz, unzips them, and none of them seem to contain any binaries. Um, btw, those six files are the ONLY files on this page. Like, there are no other NetPBM files to download.

Hello? This IS boring, isn’t it?

:: In the meantime, I am a hurtin’ unit tonight. My bones and muscles are aching, so it’s off to bed. The configuration of Gallery, seemingly an endless activity, shall wait for another day.

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