Ashes – the new album by Jen Kraatz

:: Megatunes, perhaps the best independent record store in Calgary, has opened up a store in Edmonton, on Whyte Avenue, in the old Greenwoods Bookshoppe space. (Their website leaves a lot to be desired, however.) Anyway, it is a primo location, and Edmonton was long overdue for such a store. I was in the store last Saturday when it opened, and noticed that local musician Jen Kraatz was working there.

Jen told me about her new album, Ashes, which I bought and have played a number of times now on the car stereo. It’s a great little record, with a tight, clean production, and it really showcases Jen’s writing and singing styles. The highlight of the album is Square, a song with a driving, repeating four note riff (B-C, G-F#, over low A and E strings) that I can’t get out of my head. However, what makes the song is the haunting melody Jen sings over top of this rhythm. I can’t say enough about this tune. I’ve already spent some time with my guitar, playing along with a few tunes on this record, most notably Square.

The songs on the album are rife with subtle musical spaces, a few notes here and there from various instruments, which adds to the pleasure of listening to it.
If you’re looking for high quality product by a talented Edmonton musician, pick up Ashes, by Jen Kraatz. Information on purchasing a copy of Ashes is available on Jen’s website.

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