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Welcome Back, Opus, and Other Stuff

:: Opus is returning. The penguin who anchored Bloom County returns to the weekend-only funny pages on November 23rd. It remains to be seen if the Edmonton Journal will carry the strip. I’m not holding my breath. But this is great news, one of those “I never thunk it would happen again” moments. Great work, Berkeley! (Derryl sent word of this to me. He’s changed his blog, Cold Ground, to a TypePad site, check it out, it looks great!)

This Slate article discusses which comic strips will be important in this decade. Leading the pack for me is Boondocks, which of course isn’t published in either newspaper here in Edmonton.

:: OCLC has released an official statement regarding its lawsuit with The Library Hotel.

:: If you thought a 19-inch monitor was the pièce de résistance, check out these megascreens from Liebermann. The Cinerama has a 45″, 51″ or 57″ screen size. Not big enough for you? The Grand Canyon comes in 76″, 81″ and 92″ screen sizes (resolution is 6400×1200 pixels). The 92″ is a bargain at $17,499.99US. (From: Roland Piquepaille).

:: My most excellent Winnipeg friends Steve, Mike and Tony like to hop on their bicycles and ride for long period of time, take pictures of themselves doing this, and then post them on the web. Bike With Mike is a document of their cycling adventures.

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