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:: What makes you nuts? You know, the little things? Bloggers who blog about blogging on their blogs? (That one was for Keith). Bad drivers? Rude people? The provincial government? Taxation? That annoying neighbour? Tonya nicely synthesizes three things that drives her batty, and I can find some empathy in her words.

:: So the Twins beat the Yankees, and the Giants beat the Marlins already today. Now if the Red Sox beat Oakland and the Cubs beat Atlanta, all will be right with the baseball world. I grew up in Winnipeg cheering for the Twins in the 1960s. When they won in 1987, it was the first time one of my favorite baseball teams took the World Series. This time around, I’m hoping for the fantasy series: Cubs and Red Sox. The problem is, if the Cubbies and Red Sox meet in the WS, it means the world will end shortly thereafter. There has been concern expressed in years past that if the Red Sox and Cubs played in the WS, the result would be “complete and total armageddon.”

:: Proving once again the belief that the Internet is a mecca for people with way, way too much time on their hands, check out this list of every single expression Dr Zachary Smith used to describe “the robot” on Lost In Space. My favorite will always be, “you bubble-headed booby”.

:: Speaking of television, has anyone seen Carnivle?

:: Update: Cubs win, Cubs win!

10 Responses to “Whatever”

  1. Mike N Says:

    Cubs win!

    Hey, they are two of my favorite teams too. I fell for the Red Sox when I saw a great game in April at Fenway Park in the 70’s. That October was the World Series made famous by Carlton Fisk’s home run. And the Cubs? Who couldn’t like the Cubs. Maybe it says more about cheering for the underdog than anything else. But I’m also a big Yankee fan too, so I’ve tasted the sweet nectar of VICTORY more often than a Twins or Expos fan. Hehe.

    Let’s play two.

  2. jenB Says:

    What drives me nuts? Professional sports, followed by reading about professional sports. Sorry man. 🙂

  3. Keith Says:

    You wanna know what makes me nuts? You really wanna know? It’s people who put complete sentences inside parentheses and then put the period outside the right parenthesis! Whoa is that bad.

    (That one was for Randy).

  4. av. Says:

    clea duval is on carnivale. ‘don’t think i’ll be missing that show if i can help it now!

    in the meantime, my topic of choice is wet toilet seats. they’re everywhere out here. tonight i avoided another one!

  5. randy Says:

    (Sorry, Keith, I promise not to do it again).

  6. Geoff Says:

    Sticking to the bathroom etiquette theme…
    it drives me up the wall when people take paper towel and leave it wrapped around the handle of the bathroom door because they don’t want to get any germs. “Gee, thanks for thinking of me!” Throw it out! Same thing goes for those that leave their makeshift toilet paper seat cover lying around for the next person to remove. “No really, it’s so nice of you to leave your a** hairs on white tissue paper for me to admire. It’s almost art.” Foul!

  7. randy Says:

    I generally detest all pubic – er – public washrooms myself. Dontcha also hate it when you plan to get to bed at around 10:00 pm like I did, but then you discover your feckin’ trackback function isn’t working, so you spend an hour trying to repair it, only to discover that you needed to change the CHMOD to 755, thanks to a kind soul in Christchurch NZ who answered my question about the trackback error I was receiving when I posted it to the MY Support Forum?

    Dontcha hate it when you do this, and it serves to help remind you that you need to get a LIFE?

    Ah, sweet idiocy…

  8. kelly Says:

    that link to the names for the robot totally 404’d me, dude. get on it! 😉

  9. randy Says:

    Sorry Kelly, it’s fixed, thanks for letting me know. I hate it when I 404 my friends. R 😉

  10. Debi Says:

    It’s me, Puddin’. Carnivale? Cool show, but I’ve only seen one episode so far. It’s a bit “Lynchian” in a peripheral way. I wish I’d seen it from the beginning though. There’s a lot going on. Kinda creepy-kinda good.

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