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Some People’s Kids

:: I had a strange run-in with a woman at the YMCA today. After my workout, I did a few stretches and such on the large mat, and when finished, proceeded to spray the area I was on with the cleanser found in bottles throughout the workout centre. However, there was no cloth, usually with each spray bottle, that I could use to wipe the mat afterwards. I looked to my right, where this woman was working out vigorously on the mat, and noticed two cloths. I stepped behind her (she was on her back) to grab one of the cloths, and she stopped and said to me, “that was really rude.” I started to apologize, and she interrupted me, saying, “Get lost, and don’t talk to me.”

I was more nonplussed than anything, and mumbled a couple things under my breath. I was finished anyway, and left to go shower and get dressed.

A friend of mine has an expression she applies to people like this, and it goes something like, “Gee, who sh*t in your cornflakes this morning?” Yes, her reaction rattled me a bit – certainly I had no intention of being rude or getting in her way (which to me, I didn’t do anyway.) Afterwards I thought of a witty retort, but at the time, just decided to walk away and leave things be. But to me, in her own way, she was the one who was rude.

Why do people react the way they do? We can never really know.

4 Responses to “Some People’s Kids”

  1. Jena Says:

    Sheesh. The word “cow” comes to mind, among other things. The worst part of it is, she was the one acting like a jerk, but you’re the one who ends up feeling lousy. Bad cess to her, I say.

  2. Keith Says:

    You are asking why some people are thoughtless. A discussion of this would fill a psychology textbook and still not assist you. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where someone is demanding of their rights and privileges (such as expecting an apology) without recognizing that they must grant other people similar rights and privileges, then it is best for you to distance yourself from the situation, because there will be no rational discussion or mutually satisfactory resolution.

  3. randy Says:

    I think that sums it up quite well. She thought I was rude, but wouldn’t grant me the space and time to say I was sorry, even if I thought I had made the effort to not get in her way. If I had come back with an attempt at a witty retort (which I had in mind), it might have backfired. It was best to walk away.

  4. darcy Says:

    Hey, congratulations! You’ve just had a South Florida Moment (SFM)

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