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Happy Thanksgiving

:: In Canada, our Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Oct 13. This year I will be celebrating and giving thanks among the company of some good friends. There was an interesting article in today’s Edmonton Journal about the first Thanksgiving ceremony in North America. It took place in 1578 in the Canadian Arctic, 43 years before the so-called “first Thanksgiving in the New World” in 1621, in Massachusetts.

:: Tonight I do not feel well. My body feels a bit sore all over, and I’m more than a little tired. I’ve been working out and still eating well for the most part. My head hurts too. Time to boost the Cold-FX capsules, perhaps? This was also a day that included events about which I cannot write on this site, and that were quite draining. It is a lousy feeling to be helpless when long-term behaviour of a mean-spirited nature goes on and on, with malice of forethought.

:: I saw the movie Intolerable Cruelty tonight, and give it 7/10. I also saw School of Rock on Friday, and give it 8.5/10. It’s fun to assign numbers to things.

One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. darcy Says:


    Thought I’d surf by and see how you’re doing … happy thanksgiving up there! We expatriates have to wait until november, of course, but then we also get the benefit of 2 days off, so …

    Sorry to hear that you’re a little run down. Know exactly how the long-term-exposure-to-negative-behaviour thing feels, and it’s not fun! Hang in there, eh?


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