‘Looney Tunes’ DVD ticks off buyers

:: Yesterday’s release of The Looney Tunes Golden Collection, a 4-DVD set of 56 Warner Bros cartoons featuring Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn, Elmer, and the rest of the gang, has upset some die-hard fans because of the intentional exclusion of some of the all-time classics, such as What’s Opera, Doc? , and One Froggy Evening. This title is on my wish list, but I have no idea when I’ll get it. Read a review of the collection here and here.

One Response to “‘Looney Tunes’ DVD ticks off buyers”

  1. Garth Danielson Says:

    People will complain about everything. No matter what you put out someone will not get to see their favorite cartton. I picked up that set and have watched the first disc through. The cartoons look better than they have ever looked and the isolated scores are cool. I have the two Carl Stalling CDs that came out several years ago with scores from Warner Brothers Cartoons and they are great.

    The only complaint I have are the Mike Barrier commentaries on some of the cartoons, they are some of the absolutely worst commentaries I have ever heard and I have heard a lot of them. They are borrrring, the worst sin.

    I heard someone from Warners say that they can’t put all the best on the first set as they want to spread them out a bit, which makes sense. The problem with the set is that this is a long slow process, at the rate they are going with 50 or cartoons a year it is going to take more than 20 years to get the 1100 plus cartoons out on DVD. They said they can only clean up so many a year. My guess is that if they sell well Warners would be willing to clean more faster. It’s all about the money.

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