Found On…

:: … Jena’s site, the absolutely worst version of the Christmas carol, O Holy Night, ever recorded. Turn up the sound, get out the earplugs. It’s hilarious.

:: … Robert’s site, a link to some amazing photos from the Hubble Telescope.

:: … Oliver Willis’s site, this entry on the decline of the bookstore comfy-chair (well, in the USA, anyway, we don’t have Borders or Barnes & Noble around here.) Fascinating to read through the 45+ comments to find an entry from someone who thinks Oliver’s observation is a left-wing cause. Eh?

:: … Derryl’s site, a photo that breaks the gigapixel barrier, containing about 1.09 billion pixels, and stitched together from 196 separate photographs.

:: various sites, mention of the National Board of Review’s Award winners, and the nominations for the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards.

3 Responses to “Found On…”

  1. Aräh Says:

    Oh nelly, you weren’t kidding with that holy nightmare…something. I think this requires another word invention. Either way, that was truly stunning. Did they do it on purpose? Never mind, I’m afraid of the answer.

  2. darcy Says:

    ouchouchouch….what an unholy piece of work that was. I’m going to have nightmares of my own now! Dare I ask where it came from???

  3. Malins blog Says:

    The best of Hubble

    Jag känner mig väldigt liten när jag tittar på de otroligt vackra bilder Hubble tagit [via: pod bay door]…

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