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Lord of the Rings

:: I haven’t seen The Return of the King yet, but hope to tomorrow. Three friends have, and report that it’s quite the cinematic experience. James Berardinelli describes it as “…not only the best movie of 2003, but the crowning cinematic achievement of the past several years. In fact, labeling this as a “movie” is almost an injustice. This is an experience of epic scope and grandeur, amazing emotional power, and relentless momentum.Rotten Tomatoes as of this evening was recording a 97% favorable rating, with 146 positive reviews of 150 listed. However, the review that left me howling was found at Derryl’s site, written by Neill Cumpston and posted on Ain’t It Cool News. Be forewarned that it is rude, politically incorrect, full of obscenities, and is hilariously funny.

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