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Small Mercies

:: What has brightened my days in the dark of winter:

    – discovering fresh blueberries at Costco last week, and buying two packages;
    – receiving kind support from a friend regarding my writing;
    – knowing how fortunate I am that at 50 to still have my parents around, and that they are the most amazing parents, too;
    – the recent resurgence of the Montreal Canadiens, and enjoying it quietly (very few of my friends are sports fans, really…);
    Heavy G taking time from his insanely busy scheduled to stop by and help with a minor house repair;
    – finishing the final draft of another blog article with the same Mr Heavy G;
    – making a professor’s day simply by telling her that a new online resource she requested is now available;
    – the gentle reminders of how blessed I am with amazing friends and colleagues

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