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Scotland Road

painting the wall the colour of Scotland Road

The wall has been painted. It is done. The work is complete. With the considerable help of my friend, Kathryn, the wall, covered in pink wallpaper for over a decade, is now a lovely shade of green, from Behr, known as Scotland Road. The kitchen is still a warzone, and needs to be cleaned up, but not for a few days. The white cupboard will be repainted as well, and the baseboards need to be reinstalled. Also, for those who remember, the pink face plates for the outlets and light switches in the kitchen have also been replaced, with plates of a grey colour.

Click on the picture to see a set of photos detailing the blessed event.

19 Responses to “Scotland Road”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Nice colour.

    YOU picked it out??

  2. darcy Says:

    Very cool….congratulations on finishing the job! Want to come do my place now???


  3. kelly Says:

    Nice to see you supporting my paycheque 😉

    Good choice of brand and color on the paint, R. Behr is good stuff.

  4. randy Says:

    1) Yes, I chose the colour.
    2) Stop tempting me, Darcy! 😉
    3) My pleasure, Kelly! 🙂

  5. JenB Says:

    VERY nice colour and nice job!

  6. darcy Says:

    Don’t you know I have the Jezebel Spirit???

    I will NEVER stop tempting you, friend…

    Now get yourself down here so I can take a vacation and we can go to Key West and drink Margaritas on the beach and eat chocolate bread for breakfast!


  7. randy Says:

    *sigh* … ah, the beach, the margaritas, the woman…

  8. darcy Says:

    They’re all down here waiting for you…..

  9. randy Says:

    I’m continuing to *sigh* a lot, and imagine how peaceful and fun that would be: the beach, drinks, the sun, you in a bikini ;-). Then again, are you sure you’d want to see me on a beach? The thought can be frightening to some people.

  10. darcy Says:

    Sorry to burst part of the bubble, but I am *strictly* a one-piece woman at the moment. Except when bellydancing, of course. Hmmmmmmm…maybe we could bring drums and zills to the beach and compromise?

    And as for you: no problem. Believe me. There’s no way you come even CLOSE to approximating frightening.

  11. randy Says:

    Ha! Listen, kid yourself not. The beaches down there are most likely full of young, well-oiled hardbodies. I don’t think I’d fit in, especially with a beautiful babe (one piece bathing suit or otherwise!). If I made a trip with you there, you may have to put a large bathtowel over my body while you sunbathe and ward off all the other drooling men who walk by for a closer look!

    Then again, there is always liposuction, laser hair removal and plastic surgery…

    What’s a zill? If it means I get to watch you belly dance on a beach, I’ll zill for you!

  12. darcy Says:

    Okay…one word for you….


    Skin like old leather, bellies big enough to hold quadruplets to full term dusted with ash from the ubiquitous cigarette that dangles from their mouths, saggy manboobs, and SPEEDOS.

    Believe me, if *I* can go on the beach, *you* can, too. You will *more than* compare favorably to a lot of what you see.

    zills (turkish) = zagat (eyptian) = finger cymbals (english). You play the drums, I’ll play the zills. Deal?

  13. randy Says:

    Aren’t the snowbirds back in Canada in the summer? If you dance on the beach, won’t you attract tons o’ people? I’d be happy to play the drums.

    “Saggy manboobs” Oh, GOD, I don’t need that image in my head…

  14. darcy Says:

    Sorry…chase it away with images of Tampa and hot tubs and bottles of wine and where YOU COULD BE if you’d taken my advice. 😉

    As for the people…we can enlist some other friends as bodyguards! “move along folks…nothing here to see…just some crazy canucks…you know how they are…”

    Are you serious about coming down here??? I’m sure we can make arrangements if so.

  15. randy Says:

    I’m still waiting for those Tampa photos! 😉

  16. darcy Says:

    Ack…sorry…boring roommates backed out without taking them.

    But you know…IF you came to visit…YOU could always shoot some.

    Be here on May 30th. I’ll be doing a bellydancing spot at a Hollywood bar for a local funk band.

  17. randy Says:

    Damn those boring roommates. So I could take my own photos of the lovely you…hmm. The mind boggles. slaps self upside the head Have someone take a movie of your bellydancing on May 30th, then upload it so I can watch from afar. Please.

  18. darcy Says:

    I don’t think I know anyone with a recorder…maybe we’ll just have to work on the photos for now.


  19. randy Says:

    Works for me! 🙂

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