Visiting Notorious C.H.A.

:: My pal Jennifer lives a few blocks away from me. We’ve known each other for, good God, almost 15 years. I drove over to her place tonight to meet her sweet 16-week old little girl, Charlotte. Check out the cool pic of Charlotte and Uncle Randy. It was nice to get out of the house, meet the Little One, and hang with Jen Jen, and go for a nice walk. The weather was overcast and mild and humid and just right. Thanks, Jen!

5 Responses to “Visiting Notorious C.H.A.”

  1. JenB Says:

    It was lovely! Thanks for coming. Lets do it again.

  2. darcy Says:


    you are both *so cute*!!!!



  3. Robert Runte Says:

    Baby picts? you want baby picts? Check out

  4. randy Says:

    Thank you, Darcy. Well, I think you’re a major babe, so if you think I’m cute, I’m like, all blushing now and stuff and such like that…*s*

  5. darcy Says:

    Well, you can keep on blushing habibi.

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