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“Randy ‘Burly and Curly’ Reichardt: Cat-3 roadie, kick ass tri-guy”

:: I don’t know what any of that means – it has something to do with cycling. When you search your name on the web, interesting results appear – depending, of course, on how common or uncommon your name is. Many of my friends and colleagues have names that are common enough that when searched on the ‘net, return web sites and hits for many people with the same name. Best example: my Winnipeg friend, Mike Nichols. Search his name, and the results will take you to sites about the film director of the same name.

When search engines became popular, I searched my name, and discovered two others with the name, “Randy Reichardt“. One was an insurance broker in Arizona, the other a student in Iowa, whose name kept appearing in university soccer match results, and then in bicycle race results. I assumed it was the same person, and still do. For some time, I’d been aware of the Reichardt name in Iowa. The clothing store, Reichardt’s, has been in Des Moines for over 50 years. William J Reichardt was a politician in the state.

I searched my name tonight, and discovered a page I hadn’t seen before, with photographs of the members of the QCP (Quixote Racing Program, Des Moines IA), including Randy “Burly and Curly” Reichardt. It’s rather surreal to see a picture of someone who shares your name, when the name is not common. I wonder if he pronounces his last name as my family does: RYE-cart.

Weird, wacky stuff. Now if only I was in as good a shape as my namesake in Iowa…

:: BTW, am still in pain, and will see the doctor and chiropractor tomorrow, for further consultation.

3 Responses to ““Randy ‘Burly and Curly’ Reichardt: Cat-3 roadie, kick ass tri-guy””

  1. Jena Says:

    Yeah, so he’s got bulgey arms. But you’re way cuter. 🙂

  2. Mike N. Says:

    Randy. You should also know that there is a porn star named Mike Nichols as well. He’s very….impressive.

    I had a funny experience sharing a name with a more famous guy. I bought tickets online to see Warren Zevon in Minneapolis. When I went to pick them up at the venue, they weren’t with the regular ticket holds. The manager of the place had them in his office thinking the famous M.N. was going to appear. Everyone was somewhat disappointed.

  3. darcy Says:

    I agree. You’re cuter. Besides, you know what all that cycling will do to a guy, right? So you can be sure you can…ahem…perform better too.



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