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Everyone’s Gone to the Movies (Now We’re Alone At Last)

:: Commenting on the last post, Derryl suggested that I take one for the team, and try to see a movie tonight or tomorrow, to keep “the streak” alive. Tonight didn’t happen, but I’m planning to see Shaun of the Dead tomorrow night. I’ll be in pain, however.

:: You see, last night, in the midst of another coughing fit, I felt a sharp, stinging pain in the front of my left rib cage, in the region the last rib. The pain was incredible, and it hurt every time I coughed after that, or anytime I had to do anything involving the muscles in that area. This morning, I had four x-rays, which revealed clear lungs, and no evidence of rib problems. However, a radiologist needs to study the x-rays closely to determine if I cracked a rib. If not, then the pain is due to cartilege damage from that one particular cough.

I’m on a steriod inhaler to try to quiet the cough, which the physician said is residual from whatever virus I had, and is taking a long time to leave my lungs. No anti-inflammatories yet. And of course, no workouts, now for over five weeks.

All of this is really making the fall suck badly. As Dr Smith would say, “Oh the pain, the pain…”

2 Responses to “Everyone’s Gone to the Movies (Now We’re Alone At Last)”

  1. Murph Says:

    Shaun of the Dead. Nice to live in a city that gets movies for real.

    I remember when I still lived in Edmonton, my Xray was misread and I suffered with pneumonia for a week before it was diagnosed. Absolute agony. Hope this works out for you.


  2. sharon Says:

    oh dear. I do hope that you get better soon. Take care now.

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