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The Streak is Saved, Wrong Turn Down Memory Lane

:: With encouragement from Derryl, I saw Shaun of the Dead last night, Sept 30, 2004, thus keeping alive the streak of having seen at least one movie a month since sometime in the late 1970s. It would be somewhere in the vicinity of 320-335 months.

half a ticket for the Man-Pop Festival, Winnipeg, August 29, 1970

Last year I wrote about having attended the Man-Pop Festival in Winnipeg, on August 29, 1970. I still receive comments on that post, and I’m not surprised, since a Google search reveals that very little is available about Man-Pop on the ‘net, which surprises me, actually. One of the respondents to the post, Geoff Nash, still has his ticket stub. He scanned it and sent me the image, for which I am very grateful. As soon as I opened up the .jpg, it brought back memories, and I realized that somewhere in one of my boxes of memorabilia and curios is my ticket stub, too. Well, to date, I can’t find it, but I’m still looking. In the meantime, click on Geoff’s ticket stub and stroll down memory lane one more time.

:: Sore ribs are better, coughing almost gone away. Thanks for the kind messages.

3 Responses to “The Streak is Saved, Wrong Turn Down Memory Lane”

  1. Garth Danielson Says:

    so did you like Shaun of the Dead. I got a free ticket from DreamHaven and me and Sperhauk went to see it. I liked it quite a bit. There were quite a few references to other movies and tv shows. There is a page in the IMDb that lists all the things they caught. I did not get them all but then I didn’t see Spaced the show that the two main actors and the director produced in England. I did get that the guy who called in sick where Shaun works was named Ash, a reference to the character Bruce Campbell played in the Evil Dead trilogy. There is also a line spoken by Ed – “we’re coming to get you, Barbara.’ which is a slightly paraphrased reference to a line from Night of the Living Dead, In the cemetary at the beginning of that film one of the characters says, “there’re coming to get you, Barbara”, then a short while later he’s killed by a zombie.

    Have you seem any of the Ginger Snaps series. They are filmed in your town, or at least the second one was. I am not sure about the first, and the third was filmed at some fur trading post replica near Edmonton. I found the 2nd and third to be the best of the three . They are werewolf movies, and are pretty good. Good enough for me to want to get them after seeing Greg Ketter’s copies.

  2. randy Says:

    Shaun of the Dead was fun in a gently kind of way. No real laugh out loud moments, but a lot of absurb stuff. I didn’t catch most of the references to other films.

    I saw the first Ginger Snaps, it was ok, didn’t do much for me. The second tanked everywhere, and got bad reviews, so I passed.

  3. Garth Danielson Says:

    I could see where the commercial reviewers might not like the second movie. That’s one of the reasons I rarely read reviews until after I have seen the movie. I make up my mind myself. There is a reviewer I used to read in the Minneapolis Star Tribune who did not like reviewing any genre film and his reviews kept lots of people away from good horror and sf movies. I quit reading his reviews after I had seen him make over thirty mistakes in the movies he was reviewing. There were times when I read his review and could see while watching the movie that he had left at a certain point, and missed some important thing that happened and get story elements wrong. The paper eventually got another reviewer for those genre films, who actually likes that sort of movie and reviews honestly.

    Movies tanking at the box office is no real indicator of movies being bad, Citizen Kane tanked and now it’s a classic. On the other hand Ginger snaps 2 is a tough movie for the average movie watcher, but for the right person – payoff. Right for me, but maybe not for you. All of us in the League of Psycotronic Gentlemen liked it to varying degrees. I also realy like Emily Perkins who plays the younger sister. I think she could turn into a right good actress. I think the third Ginger Snaps would make a great double bill with Ravenous, have you seen that?

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