:: I leave for Winnipeg in a couple hours, to spend a few days with family and friends, and attend my cousin Barbara’s wedding on Saturday. Yesterday, while packing, I opened the curtains a little in my bedroom, and a bird flew out from behind them, scaring the shyte out of me. Initially I couldn’t tell if it was a bat or a small bird. It flew around the second floor between rooms, until I was able to remove the screen in my master bedroom, and waited for it to fly back in that direction, which it did, and out into the night.

What I couldn’t determine was how it got in, and for how long it was hiding in my bedroom. So far, I haven’t seen any – er – evidenc, to indicate where it might have spent time while in my house. Enough surprises for one night.

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  1. Robert Runte Says:

    We’ve had three birds in our house so far this year — comes of leaving the backdoor open for the dogs, I guess. We have become quite expert at ‘capture and release’ — but unfortunately, the birds have often been in the sun room, banging their heads against the many window panes, for several hours before we discover them. It’s sad.

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