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There Is No Joy In Mudville

:: And God smiled on Boston. Yeehaw!

2 Responses to “There Is No Joy In Mudville”

  1. Murph Says:

    Yeah! I had a brief email conversation with Guy, who is not only not happy, he’s very tired as well; he’s living in France for the year and having to stay up ridiculously late for all those extra-inning games. Now that his Yankees are gone, though, maybe he can get some sleep.


  2. randy Says:

    Well, my heart goes out to Guy, but I’m thrilled that the Sox destroyed the Yankees in this fashion: down 3-0, bottom of the ninth of the 4th game, three outs away from elimination. Consider that! They were not intimidated by Rivera, whom they beat back twice to tie games and force extra innings. Then Schilling and Lowe pitched brilliant games, and the offense took over.

    Now, consider that if Houston beats St Louis, the WS will have teams from Massachusetts and Texas. 😉

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