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Interesting Day

:: It began by rising at 0545 hrs, driving to Kathryn’s house to pick her up and drive her to the airport to fly to Cincinnati. I returned home and went back to sleep. When I awoke, I putzed around and then decided it was time to put up the Christmas lights, which took about two hours.

Then I went to Ikea – the Ikea store here is new, but only in that it’s a new building. Ikea has been in Edmonton for years, first at WEM (still the planet’s largest mall – yes, it’s bigger than Mall of America – but apparently not for long), then the store moved to the south side, and earlier this year, to the south south side of the city. It’s the first thing you see when you drive north into Edmonton on Highway 2.

It’s an enormous store, the size of a few football fields. The customer service is outstanding, and – this isn’t trivial – the frickin’ shopping carts are so much fun to push around. They are silent – no spinning wheels – and have four wheel drive. Wal-Mart, Safeway, Costco – are you paying attention? The Swedes have been on to something good for years. Ikea serves a $1 breakfast every day – gotta try that soon. Today I bought some light blue Gullmaj curtains, grey Index wall fittings, an Index curtain rod (grey), and Index Sarita finials. I’m going to attempt to install the curtains in front of my new sliding door by myself. (Mike Nichols, stop laughing now!) The staff person said to wash and dry the curtains first. The curtains are in the dryer, and at the moment seem to have lost some of their colour. I’ll check them tomorrow morning.

This evening I went to the movies, ostensibly to see Birth. I arrived and was told the 7:30 show was cancelled for a sneak preview. Immediately annoyed and with little time to decide what else to see or else leave, I chose Napoleon Dynamite instead, which was a total hoot. I was surprised to find the theatre packed – the movie had played at our art house cinema previously for a few weeks, so I thought the theatre would be 90% empty. Word: if you haven’t seen the movie and plan to, DO NOT leave when the credits begin. The movie resumes after the credits and continues for about 10 minutes. The credits are great – each one is served on a plate of food.

5 Responses to “Interesting Day”

  1. Murph Says:

    You of all people should know that Ikea had a location before WEM; it’s where the BARD is now. You wouldn’t have been likely to see Tim kicking around, since he now works a back office job.

    Birth will never make it here. But we saw The Incredibles yesterday, which was marvy, replacing Unbreakable as my favorite superhero movie ever.


  2. randy Says:

    Derryl is correct, of course. But he’s ten years younger than me, and has more functioning brain cells; therefore his memory is better. He speaks of BARD – The U of Alberta Libraries’ Book and Record Depository, where indeed, Ikea resided before moving to WEM. My bad.

  3. jenB Says:

    ha! i was going to say the same thing about BARD.

    and my experience with ikea curtains is shrinkage and fading if they are cotton based.

    AND i was just complaining tonight about the safeway carts. i had the crappiest one at safeway on 23rd.

    amen brother.

  4. Garth Danielson Says:

    We have a new Ikea store here, right next door to the Mall Of America. I went, got lost and before I found the cafe I had to eat a family of four to survive. I didn’t feel good about it until I found that the cafe only had Swedish meatballs left that day. I am not a fan of swedish meatball gravy.
    Do you remember the joke about swedish meatballs on Babylon 5. J’kar is making some Narn dish for a friend and the friend is very interested in how he got this Narn dish out there. J’kar tells him that he has found that every race has a simular dish and they are eating the earthling’s swedish meatballs. This goes along with my own observation that every culture on this planet has a dish that looks like vomit. No wonder I am such a fussy eater.

  5. cindi Says:

    Dude, you put your Christmas lights up already? That’s just wrong. Take some photos. 🙂

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