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Dough Nut

:: I was at Tim Hortons Donuts an hour ago, the mega-ginormous donut empire of Canada, to buy a gift card for someone for a Christmas present. I was surprised and annoyed to learn that 1) they only sell gift certificates, in packs of $5 or $10, in which one finds five $2 gift certificates, and 2) they don’t accept credit cards, only debit. WTF? Isn’t this the 21st Century?

Is there a major chain store/restaurant/whatever NOT selling gift cards, in whatever denomination you desire, save for McDonald’s, of course, which continues to use the paper gift certificates as well? Well, yes, Tim Hortons Donuts! Insanity, I tell you. Plus, I detest using debit cards – it’s a personal thing with me (I like credit cards which let me run up Air Miles…)

2 Responses to “Dough Nut”

  1. Brad Says:

    But look at it from Timmy’s point of view. Some poor schmuck gets a little too reliant on his morning double double with a choclate glazed, next thing you know he’s suckin back three to five iced caps every day along with the requisite sour cream glazed or cruller, and mind you, he’s charging all this stuff on his low limit Visa card. Pretty soon Visa’s after his ass, his wife is all pissed off at him ’cause she can’t get that George Foreman grill she wanted to make Christmas dinner with, the marriage is on the rocks, bankruptcy looms, and all because Tim Horton’s decided to accept credit cards.

    No, my dear friend. Some things are just better left unavaible to week beings such as man. And Tim Hortons customers

  2. Michael Hall Says:

    We checked into this at the Fort McMurray Tim Hortons restaurants. They don’t take plastic of any kind, including debit, because of the time factor. The lines of cars already wrap around the buildings here and back on to the street, causing traffic problems. Plastic would only slow the lines down, the argue.

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