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Sh*t Happens

:: Yesterday, while having dim sum with Taras, someone tossed a rock through the window on the front passenger door of my car. The only items missing were coins, which were sitting in the coin slots by the emergency break. With today a holiday in Alberta, I’ve been unable to do anything about this since it happened. Tomorrow morning I will drive to an auto glass repair shop and hope the window can be replaced asap. A police report was filed, and my insurance company was informed accordingly. What a mess, and for less than five dollars in change. The rock used to break the window was in the driver’s seat.

Depending on the cost of the repair, I may not file with my insurance company. Ironically, the day before, I saw My Summer of Love. There is a scene in the movie in which one of the characters tosses a garden gnome through the front passenger-side door window of a car. The next day the same window in my car is smashed. Coincidence or are mysterious forces at work?

:: My Winnipeg homies are cyclemaniacs. A typical week will find Mike, Steve and Tony on one or more 70-100 km bike trips. I, on the other hand, have no cycling friends close by *sniff*. Today I went for a short bike ride with my shadow, took a self-portrait on 34th Ave, and stopped at Keith’s for a short visit before returning home. I have a guest in my house for two weeks, her name is Polly.

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