Christmas 2005 (4)

.: The last 24 hours have been spent sharing Christmas cheer, food, and company with three sets of good friends and their families here in Edmonton. Last night I enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner with the Wests, featuring a large roasted turkey, and kugel, a traditional Hanukkah dish, along with the usual trimmings and side dishes. This morning I spent time with the Kendricks, where we shared homemade waffles, and sang the Christmas hippo song a few times. This evening I enjoyed another delicious turkey dinner and great company at the Ryan/Berretti home. I have no relatives in Edmonton, but when I am with good friends such as these, it feels like I am with family. I may be a pound or two heavier at the moment, but it is a small price to pay for privilege and blessing of good friends, good company, and good food.

I spent time today on the phone, visiting with my parents in Winnipeg, my brother in Calgary, and friends in Edmonton and more distant locales. Tomorrow I will drive to Calgary to spend a day with my brother and his girlfriend, and will return on Dec 27 in the morning. Wherever you are and whatever you believe, I hope you had a great Christmas.

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