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Deadwood Podcast Site

.: Do you love Deadwood as much as I do? Then welcome to the motherlode: my pal Debi sent me a link to this totally brilliant site, The Read Deadwood Podcast, which features audio and video clips, a blog, and more. The photos section is great, and includes shots from the Mt Moriah Cemetery, where Will Bill, Calamity Jane, and others are buried, and the Deadwood actors visit. Love it!

Also, here is a link to The Real Deadwood Podcast With Paul Dennis from FeedBurner.

2 Responses to “Deadwood Podcast Site”

  1. Debi Says:

    I can’t get enough Deadwood, and it’s killing me to wait until June of 06 for Season 3. This will have to keep me going until then!

  2. Paul Dennis Says:

    This is Paul Dennis, host and webmaster for The Real Deadwood Podcast. Thank you both for the kind words. I hope you will both subscribe and tell your hooplehead friends about it. It’s a lot of work (especially compared to a lot of other podcasts I’ve come across) but it’s a labor of love. There’s lots more to come to visit often.

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