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Heading East

.: In a few hours I fly to Toronto to attend and present at the OLA Superconference. I will be in Toronto for four days. On Saturday afternoon I fly to Winnipeg to spend a few days there before returning to Edmonton. Time in Winnipeg will be spent visiting relatives, going to dim sum on Sunday morning, watching the Super Bowl with friends over pizza and beer later that day, spending time with my folks, and sleeping.

Tonight I had dinner with seven others at Parkallen Restaurant, which features Lebanese cuisine. Garlic prawns were followed by linguini topped with chicken breast over a garlic-based tomato sauce, and blueberry and vanilla creme brulée for dessert. Most of the others in attendance were members of the Edmonton theatre community. I was invited by one of them to join in, and had a great time.

2 Responses to “Heading East”

  1. Derryl Says:

    The Parkallen is one of our faves; we try and get there whenever we come back to Edmonton. Great pizza, too.

    Have a good trip.


  2. darcy Says:

    hmm. Anyone I know there?

    Course I’m so out of the Edmonton theatre loop now that probably not..

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